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Meet our team

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Tess Peacock


Tess Peacock believes that to move South Africa to be a more equal country, powerful organising rooted in community struggles against racial and economic exclusion must be galvanised and supported. The recent founder of the Equality Collective, Tess aims to work with community groups across the poorest municipalities in the Eastern Cape to build a rural justice network fighting for ukulingana nokulingana ngoku (‘Real Equality Now!’). Having worked as a passionate lawyer and advocate of education and early childhood development rights and services, Tess is committed to challenging power in the pursuit of greater equity and justice. Outside of this work, you can find Tess attempting various DIY projects or walking on the beach. Tess has a B.Soc.Sci in Politics, Philosophy and Economics as well as an LLB from UCT and an LLM from Harvard University. She is the former Treasurer of Equal Education and an advisory board member for the Bulungula College. She is a 2019/20 Atlantic Fellow for Racial Equity and a Salzburg Global Fellow.

Alana Potter

Head of Research and Advocacy

Alana Potter is an activist, researcher, and advocate. She comes to us from Human Rights Watch where she led research training globally, and she is excited to work in her home country again. She brings many years’ experience leading research and advocacy strategies built on local evidence, combining community-based social research with legal socio-economic rights analyses. Her work leading research and advocacy at SERI; a global civil society coalition called End Water Poverty; IRC’s Africa regional programme and role in Mvula Trust’s policy unit has helped her develop skills in strategy design, evidence for policy influence, and coalition-building for collective action at international, Africa regional and country levels. Her content expertise is in water justice, governance and systems, informal and precarious work, protest, and civic space. She has worked in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. Outside of work, Alana is an avid reader, an enthusiastic hiker and will rise to a backgammon challenge at any opportunity. Alana is passionate about amplifying the innovative rights claiming strategies employed by community groups and organisations, and excited to work with us to build Equality Collective’s vision and impact.

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Zoë Postman

Head of Communications for Social Change 

Zoë Postman is an activist and writer. As a journalist, she is best known for her work at GroundUp News - a social justice online publication. She worked at GroundUp News for three years where she covered stories about land occupations and evictions, refugees, informal labour, correctional centres and protests in South Africa, amongst others. Her articles have been republished in various media platforms including the Mail & Guardian, News24, Daily Maverick, The Citizen, New Frame and others. As an activist, she works with the African Reclaimers Organisation (ARO) Solidarity Group which aims to assist reclaimers - workers who informally collect and sell recyclable materials - to organise, mobilise and gain recognition for the work they do. Zoë is a Canon Collins Trust Alum, and was nominated as the fellow-fellow of the cohort in 2021, and is currently a fellow on the DGMT Innovation Fellowship for young leaders in the civil society sector. Apart from her work, Zoë is passionate about nature, vegetable gardening, healing, learning, writing and music. She strongly believes that the freedom of all is essential to her freedom. She is excited to join the Equality Collective team as the Head of Communications to support communities in her home province of the Eastern Cape.

Tshepo Mantje

Right to ECD Coordinator

Tshepo Mantje is currently the Right to Early Childhood Development Coordinator at The Equality Collective. He is also an education and children's right activist. He is passionate about working with children and youth to create spaces where their expression is valued. Tshepo is a Rhodes University alum. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Psychology. His focus was on childhood disabilities, developmental psychology, and community psychology. Following this, Tshepo completed an LLB degree focusing on human rights. He wrote his LLB dissertation proposing a minimum core model in realising the right to basic education in South Africa. Tshepo also finds expression in podcasting. He is the producer and host of Daring Greatly Podcast with Tshepo Mantje, a mental health and personal development podcast. His other interests include gardening, yoga and, crocheting. Words that ring true to Tshepo are those shared by Nelson Mandela: “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” Through his work at the Equality Collective, Tshepo intends to contribute to the collective effort to reimagine, and bring to light, the expression of Africa by investing her children.


Noluvo Mandukwini

Right to Water Coordinator

Noluvo Mandukwini was born in Tshezi village (in the Xora-Mouth Administrative Area where the Equality Collective is based). She completed school at Ganizulu SSS. After completing school she started working at the iiTablet Tshomiz programme at the Bulungula Incubator, an online e-learning programme at one of the local primary schools. She quickly moved up the ranks and became a Site Manager showing leadership, patience and commitment to her work and to children's education in her community. While in this job, she began studying for a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at the University of South Africa so she can better understand the general principles of the South African legal system. This makes her a fitting candidate to be the Right to Water Coordinator at the Equality Collective. She is interested in working at the Equality Collective because she wants to help people know and understand their rights. She is excited for the new work challenge.

Tinotenda Muringani

Intern Researcher

Tinotenda holds a LLB and LLM from Walter Sisulu University and an Interdisciplinary Masters in Human Rights(LLM) from the University of the Free State. He is currently reading towards a Doctor of Laws with the University of Free State. Tino has served as the President of Students For Law and Social Justice in 2016. He is passionate about the right to education with specific focus on disabled learners and has endeavoured to campaign for more access to education for vulnerable groups. This growing passion is what attracted him to the Equality Collective's work with early childhood development. His other interests include transitional mechanisms and how they can best be utilised to move communities from spaces of conflict. Outside of his work and academic endeavours, Tino enjoys soccer, tennis, cricket and formula 1 and has a passion for agriculture.


Babalwa Sidelo

Office Administrator 

Babalwa Sidelo was born in Nqileni village, where the Equality Collective's offices are based. She graduated from Nobangile SSS high school in 2014 and thereafter became a tour guide for guests at the Bulungula Lodge. She completed a three-month computer course where she upskilled herself to better her job prospects. Before joining the Equality Collective, she was a Radio DJ at the Bulungula Community Radio station where she was best known for her 'Mbonge uJesu Mpefumlo Wam' show. Babalwa enjoys reading, listening to music and going to church. She is happy to be a part of the Equality Collective so that she can keep her community informed about their rights and continue to grow in her career. 

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