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Research & Learning 

The Equality Collective ensures that its work is based on strong evidence and sound research. We aim to thoroughly map the root causes of problems identified and craft workable solutions together with communities and technical experts.

Research partnership 

In 2020 we started a research partnership with the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic. Clinical Professor Susan Farbstein and her JD team assisted us with research on the legal and regulatory framework for local government; international best practice for community water monitoring systems and a political and economic diagnostic of ADM. Their assistance was instrumental to shaping our work

In 2022, we started a research partnership with Oxford Pro Bono Publico and organisation based at the Oxford Faculty of Law they are currently helping us with our work on the development of a holistic right to early learning.  

ECD Health and Safety Norms and Standards 

Health and safety standards set the baseline conditions for registration with the Department of Social Development which in turn enables providers to access subsidy support from the government. Experience demonstrates that the current health and safety standards for ECD programmes are overly rigid, inappropriate and unattainable thereby providing a systemic legal barrier to registration. Please find our research, conducted in partnership with Ilifa Labantwana and supported by Bridge under resources.

ECD Right to Nutrition

The Equality Collective led a research series for the 'Real Reform for ECD' campaign, focusing on young children's right to nutrition. This effort resulted in the publication of three papers and a compelling synthesis report. The series urges the Department for Education (DfE) to provide nutrition support to all eligible children attending early learning programmes, regardless of the programme's registration status. 'We must ensure we do not overlook the most vulnerable, especially those in unregistered programmes who stand to gain the most from nutrition support,' remarked Tshepo Mantje, the RR4ECD Coordinator at Equality Collective, highlighting the campaign's critical call to action.

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