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Who we are

The Equality Collective is an activist and community lawyering organisation based in the Mbhashe Municipality in the rural Eastern Cape - one of the most remote and poorest areas of South Africa. We build and network power in support of advocacy campaigns for greater socio-economic equity that are based on extensive research and expert analysis.

Our mission

We are innovative in the advancement of access to justice,
build the capacity and infrastructure for collective participation and
share research and learning to create a more just and caring society.

We are working to achieve 1) improved access to socio-economic rights; 2) enhanced responsive governance and accountability and 3) a stronger, more active citizenry. 

We aim to achieve these objectives through the following pillars of work:

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In the news

Keep up to date with our work

Stay informed and engaged with the Equality Collective's impactful work through our three newsletters:

  1. Updates on The Equality Collective’s work more generally.

  2. Insights into the 'Real Reform for ECD' movement, advocating for quality ECD services for all children.

  3. News from the #RiseUpADM coalition, strengthening civil society in the Amathole District Municipality.


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