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Collective Participation & Action
Right to Water


The Amanzi Kumntu Wonke (Water for All) project forms part of the Equality Collective’s collective participation focus area and our right to water stream of work. This work is implemented in partnership with Viva con Agua. It emerged because our regional water scheme (Mncwasa Water Scheme), built by Amathole District Municipality in 2015 to provide water to 6,100 households and over 30,000 people across 40 villages, is not delivering consistent and reliable water. 


To address this increasingly pressing issue, we started the Amanzi Kumntu Wonke project, which has four components:

First, we use a community monitoring system that works with Water Ambassadors across 40 villages who monitor water services daily (the availability of water and whether there are any leaks) and use this information for ADM’s response as well as for advocacy purposes.

Second, we build informed communities through workshops, community radio programming, and the provision of popular education material. This is intended to equip activists, councillors, and community members with the information they need to hold ADM officials to account.

Third, we support the active and informed participation of community members, councillors, and ward committees in existing democratic processes. This includes, amongst other things, participation in ADM’s Integrated Development Planning processes.

Fourth, we are building a broad-based coalition of communities, organisations, businesses, and

resident associations across the district who want to see a functioning Amathole District Municipality.

In 2024, we will be expanding this work to two other regions in ADM.

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