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Collective Participation & Action
Right to ECD


Early Childhood Development (ECD) is essential for the growth and development of millions of young children in South Africa.  Our vision is to ensure an enabling policy, legal and regulatory environment that guarantees that all children in South Africa can access the right to ECD.

We believe that progressive change in the country’s ECD laws and policies is only possible if the sector stands united around its challenges and solutions, and maintains collective pressure for change. That is why we helped found the Real Reform for ECD movement in 2020.

As the Secretariat of RR4ECD, we provide coordination, strategic, technical, and advocacy support to the movement to maximise collaboration around our common goals and campaign efforts. We build the capacity of our partners, provide workshops, develop advocacy tools, build consensus and public support around our campaigns, and advance policy and legal change.

The movement is continuously being coordinated, advanced, and supported by a representative, active, and engaged RR4ECD Steering Committee consisting of 11 members made up of ECD organisations and practitioners in the ECD sector. Our achievements in this area are collective achievements made possible through our coalition work.

We would like to give special thanks to Ilifa Labantwana for continuing to be a key partner in supporting the Equality Collective’s Real Reform for ECD work.

ECD practitioners

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